The story of Tirisi

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Tirisi was founded in 2010 by a Dutch couple with an impeccable eye for detail. Natascha and Julian complement each other perfectly. Natascha, the creative mind with a uniquely feminine touch and Julian, the entrepreneur who wrote the business case, are still used today. Natascha’s interest in fine jewelry started in the early days of her career as a designer when she wanted to purchase a bracelet. Unfortunately, none of the existing fine jewelry brands fit into her price category and missed, importantly, what a fashion-conscious woman was looking for. Natascha wanted a bold bracelet she could wear every day, everywhere, yet affordable and guaranteed superior quality. Jewelry matches her independence and embodies her strong femininity in setting the tone instead of following it. But it was nowhere to be found.


Rethinking the jewelry market, the husband and wife team created their own Tirisi brands instead: Tirisi Jewelry and Tirisi Moda. Doing the impossible, they designed the entire collection in just four months, ready for launch in 2010 at the famous Baselworld Jewelry and Watch Show.


Iconic jewelry for iconic, stylish women. Wearable pieces for today’s practical lifestyle. A must-have for the modern woman who wants to wear her jewelry as a fashion statement to every occasion, whether it’s the school run, a shopping date with friends, a board meeting, or a glamorous party.

All the very same jewels are perfectly handcrafted, too. Designing a new brand from scratch takes more than design skills.


To take inspiration, Natascha and Julian went in 2009 on a world tour. Visiting exotic cities with fabulous museums to match, it was only logical to name the new collection after those cities. Famous sites, spectacular architecture, or grand avenues are not the only ways forward for good design.

Natascha’s design tip: be street smart, sit at a pavement cafe, and watch the world pass by. Everything catches her eye: the abundance of colours, the multicultural population rushing by, and the hip-street fashion. They are her inspiration to convert today’s city look into tomorrow’s fabulous new jewelry. As Natascha always says: “The World is My Catwalk…”

“ The World is My Catwalk ”

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