Tirisi Moda collection Copacabana

Tirisi Moda collection Copacabana

Published on 13 Sep 2022

Rio de Janeiro, January 2010. Lounging in the sun on the sand-swept beach of Copacabana we could not have had a more spectacular view of one of Brazil’s most famous landmarks, Sugar Loaf Mountain. It stands so proudly and is a true symbol of majestic power, greeting all of mankind living or visiting the seaside city of Rio de Janeiro, renowned for the rhythm of the samba dance, Pele’s soccer dribbles, and the world's famous carnival. Overwhelmed by the scenic beauty of as well the ocean and the mountain, we were totally at peace and in tune with nature and felt compelled to design something so special and something so new that it would capture the spirit of both the mountain and the beach. Funnily enough, although Sugar Loaf Mountain was the absolute inspiration, we ended up calling the collection Copacabana, as what is not love about this gorgeous coastline? We just had to do something perfect to recognize one of the world's most dramatic sites.

The bombe-shaped mountain was already in line with our design aspirations of always doing prominent rounded designs. But also the cable car stood out so strongly in this perfect vista. Leather was up and coming during this period in the jewelry world yet was not readily available in the luxury designer segment. And especially leather bracelets. So we put our personal touch to the leather scene and came up with the very distinctive Copacabana Collection. Feminine, yet fashionable, colorful, and delightfully collectible, with a very big want-ability factor to match. Even today, 11 years later, Tirisi Moda’s Copacabana collection continues on its marvelous journey and is as fresh as the day we launched the brand in March 2010. So before our eyes, in all its glory we knew we had our powerhouse design. We would capture and transform the Sugar Loaf Mountain into the bold, yet affordable leather bracelet Natascha always wanted but could not find. The very reason for us starting our very own jewelry brand. So sticking to the important business case and taking to heart the important design words; iconic, versatile, affordable, luxurious, fashionable, and wearable, we had the direction to move forward on our new Tirisi Moda voyage. Using 18k gold in combination with sterling silver to guarantee fair price points, we now had easily affordable, hip, luxurious jewelry for the fashionable lady. But with the feel-good and versatile factor all built in too. So the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain became a bold and oversized leather knot which we extended with two thick leather strap recreating the two thick steel ropes the cable cars hangs on. For the cute cable cars, so tiny in the distance from the Copacabana beach we were sunbathing on, we designed a collection of delightfully miniature charms, which would dangle on the thick leather strands and would have the same dancing mobility of the cable cars rushing up and down the mountain. We went on to use fabulous hand-stitched Italian leather. Our leather had to have the feeling of soft sensual luxury and this you can leave to Italians, the true masters of fine leather.

Julian explains. “11 years on, and you will still find in our Tirisi Moda brand, the important and original Copacabana leather bracelets. The Copacabana journey continues as this collection is true to our DNA and will always be part and parcel of the brand's future with collectible miniature charms and our Italian leathers available in a rainbow of wonderful colors that we match for the seasonal changes and more importantly to stay always in fashion. This iconic bracelet always en vogue is what started it all and is Natascha's favorite, dangling with collectible charms. It represents not only our love for the Tirisi Moda brand which like Sugar Loaf Mountain is eternal, so is the love for my beautiful wife Natascha, eternal.”

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