Tirisi Jewelry collection Venice

Tirisi Jewelry collection Venice

Published on 13 Sep 2022

With the Milano mission completed, the excited couple was free to move on to enchanting Venice as there were still many collections to think up and time was of the essence. And what could be more romantic than to charter a gondola and float down Venice’s most celebrated waterway, the Grand Canal, viewing the enchanting palazzos from the water? As luck would have it the knowledgeable gondolier, Pietro the proud owner of one of Venice’s oldest gondolas was ready to captain us through living history. Sitting comfortably on the shiny black boat, gondolier Pietro the quintessential of Italian men, helped us explore and discover the magical secrets of ancient Venice. With love and great respect for his dynamic/watery city and armored with a mine of knowledge, Pietro guided them through the twisting canals explaining the cities long and extraordinary history. A city built on and surrounded by water. Marco Polo’s the original world explorer lived in the city of never-ending serpentine-like canals. Stop by stop and with great pride, the gondolier expertly maneuvered his precious gondola with a perfect serenade of old Italian songs to the delight of his two Dutch passengers. Gliding along on this romantic watery ride and being transported place to place and station to station the design motivator for the husband and wife team was to create a collection of the breathtaking canals and stations and stops along the way. Natascha and Julian on the gondola foresaw a delicate design for the Venetian collection. To mirror the canals' never-ending twists and turns, a fine serpentine 18k gold chain was chosen and diamond elements haphazardly soldered on the chain mimicked perfectly each stop and station along the way. As they explain, it’s not only what you see that gives inspiration but also what you feel. So we immersed ourselves in the fascinating history of this watery city and transformed these emotions into the Venice collection using the idea of creating stations in a piece of jewelry.

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