Tirisi Jewelry collection Monte Carlo

Tirisi Jewelry collection Monte Carlo

Published on 13 Sep 2022

No grand tour is complete without visiting the jet-set seaside haven, namely Monte Carlo. Sparkling, streamlined yachts with breathtaking bow lines are harbored majestically, one next to the other in perfect harmony. And the stately evergreen mountains make for the perfect backdrop to the idealistic mini-state of Monaco. But it was not in fact the jaw-dropping yachts and majestic mountains that gave us the idea of the Monte Carlo Collection. Just a few steps away from the world-famous casino building is a small and very tranquil water fountain. If you carefully take the time to observe the bubbling water you will notice the fountain spouts delightful soft pyramid-shaped water patterns that sparkle magnificently in the Mediterranean sun. This pyramid shape was the inspiration for the Monte Carlo Collection. The delightful dance of the soft pyramid-shaped water immediately caught our eyes and we knew we were onto a winner. Normally when you visualize a pyramid the first thing that comes to mind is the very pointy and perfectly hard lines. Just as the pyramids of Egypt. But hard lines are not what you will find in Tirisi Jewelry. Natascha explains that the water spraying from the fountain showed her rather a softly rounded pyramid that was simply perfect for our jewelry but also in tune with today's fashion look. She explains further, for our Tirisi brands both Tirisi Jewelry and Tirisi Moda the look and feels we want for our pieces should be rather soft than square, feminine rather than masculine, and lovely softly sculptured rounded edges, as when I observe women I see soft delicate rounded forms. The perfect man for us in all his masculinity is hard and square. Natascha adores the Italian word “bombe” meaning (roundish). It perfectly describes the look I demand in the jewelry we create. As a woman I how to design for women. So when you next view our Monte Carlo line you will notice the delicate soft pyramid shapes of that exact fountain. The fountain in the shade, the fountain we fell in love with.

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