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The Milano collection

First stop, the fashion capital of the world, Milano. With the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed Italian cappuccinos, Natascha and Julian were enthralled to view firsthand the famous glass dome of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,probably the world’s first fully covered luxury mall. And that amazing glass-domed roof has been mirrored by using a domed-shaped precious stone which we hand facet to mimic the glass inlaid tiles that give light to the awe-inspiring Galleria dome.

Tirisi had due to the world-famous iconic dome, their very first and most important design, and very quickly pen was put to paper to finalize the Milano Collection project. Little did the couple realize then that the most recognizable and dramatic site in Milano would become not only their most iconic design but also their most recognizable pieces in the Tirisi lineup and also the most sold collection to date.


With the Milano mission completed, the excited couple was free to move on to enchanting Venice as there were still many collections to think up and time was of the essence. And what could be more romantic than to charter a gondola and float down Venice’s most celebrated waterway, the Grand Canal, viewing the enchanting palazzos from the water? As luck would have it the knowledgeable gondolier, Pietro the proud owner of one of Venice’s oldest gondolas was ready to captain us through living history.

Sitting comfortably on the shiny black boat, gondolier Pietro the quintessential Italian man, helped us explore and discover the magical secrets of ancient Venice. With love and great respect for his dynamic/watery city and armored with a mine of knowledge, Pietro guided them through the twisting canals explaining the city's long and extraordinary history. A city built on and surrounded by water. Marco Polo the original world explorer lived in a city of never-ending serpentine-like canals. Stop by stop and with great pride, the gondolier expertly maneuvered his precious gondola with a perfect serenade of old Italian songs to the delight of his two Dutch passengers. Gliding along on this romantic watery ride and being transported from place to place and station to station the design motivator for the husband and wife team was to create a collection of breathtaking canals and stations and stops along the way. Natascha and Julian on the gondola foresaw a delicate design for the Venetian collection. To mirror the canals' never-ending twists and turns, a fine serpentine 18k gold chain was chosen and diamond elements haphazardly soldered on the chain mimicked perfectly each stop and station along the way. As they explain, it’s not only what you see that gives inspiration but also what you feel. So we immersed ourselves in the fascinating history of this watery city and transformed these emotions into the Venice collection using the idea of creating stations in a piece of jewelry.

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The Amsterdam collection

In the free and liberal city of Amsterdam where we are lucky enough to reside, we knew that around every corner great ideas were waiting to be discovered for the Amsterdam Collection. Amsterdam is famous for many things. We felt strongly that we must honor the city we live in, where freedom of religion, politics, and movement is something our forefathers practiced for many centuries. So we needed to be creative and find something that we see daily but possibly took for granted in our daily lives. Amsterdam is known throughout the world as The City of Diamonds. For over 400 years, diamond cutters have been cutting rough diamonds into the precious brilliants the world has got to love. Also for hundreds of years, the streets and winding alleyways are paved with cobblestones (klinkers in Dutch). So why not combine the two, both diamonds and cobbled stones?

The train of thought went as follows. We walk and bicycle on Amsterdam’s quaint cobble-stoned streets daily, so it was to us obvious that the art of setting diamonds is very similar to the art of laying cobblestones. Just as the cobblestone master puts down by hand the stones in perfectly created patterns, so our master diamond setters also by hand put down the brilliants in perfectly created patterns. Pave setting and shimmering diamonds play the lead role in our Amsterdam jewelry design. Hence we mastered the Amsterdam Collection and used not only the pave style of laying cobblestones but also gave our city the honor it deserves as the founder of the world's diamond cutting industry and also the brilliant round cut, the most popular and first choice diamond cut of every jewelry brand today.

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The Monte Carlo collection

No grand tour is complete without visiting the jet-set seaside haven, namely Monte Carlo. Sparkling, streamlined yachts with breathtaking bow lines are harbored majestically, one next to the other in perfect harmony. And the stately evergreen mountains make for the perfect backdrop to the idealistic mini-state of Monaco. But it was not in fact the jaw-dropping yachts and majestic mountains that gave us the idea of the Monte Carlo Collection.

Just a few steps away from the world-famous casino building is a small and very tranquil water fountain. If you carefully take the time to observe the bubbling water you will notice the fountain spouts delightful soft pyramid-shaped water patterns that sparkle magnificently in the Mediterranean sun. This pyramid shape was the inspiration for the Monte Carlo Collection. The delightful dance of the soft pyramid-shaped water immediately caught our eyes and we knew we were onto a winner. Normally when you visualize a pyramid the first thing that comes to mind is the very pointy and perfectly hard lines. Just as the pyramids of Egypt. But hard lines are not what you will find in Tirisi Jewelry. Natascha explains that the water spraying from the fountain showed her rather a softly rounded pyramid that was simply perfect for our jewelry but also in tune with today's fashion look. She explains further, for our Tirisi brands both Tirisi Jewelry and Tirisi Moda the look and feel we want for our pieces should be rather soft than square, feminine rather than masculine, and lovely softly sculptured rounded edges, as when I observe woman I see soft delicate rounded forms. The perfect man for us in all his masculinity is hard and square. Natascha adores the Italian word “bombe” meaning (roundish). It perfectly describes the look I demand in the jewelry we create. As a woman I know how to design for women. So when you next view our Monte Carlo line you will notice the delicate soft pyramid shapes of that exact fountain. The fountain in the shade, the fountain we fell in love with.

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The Seoul Collection

For our Seoul collection, we were inspired not only by a place but more importantly by a fantastic South Korean lady and in fact one of Tirisi first customers, Zhanna Khan. Zhanna we would dare to describe is a citizen of the world. With a hugely powerful personality to match. There is no stopping this lady. Everyone in our company is crazy about her and we all admire her too. She has a free spirit and her zest for travel and life is just something else. One cannot help but be inspired by this courageous lady with her fabulous fashion sense.

Our slogan “The World Is My Catwalk” is an ode to Zhanna’s love of jewelry, fashion, music, and the arts. Living in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and also partly in Seoul, South Korea we looked to develop a line of jewelry using Zhanna as our muse. So we fused with her Korean heritage and one of nature's beautiful gifts to mankind, the cherry blossom tree, also found in Korea. With this exotic mix of nature and Zhanna's vibrant personality, we created a simple but also lovely design and named it the Seoul collection. It’s something you can feel if you look with deep respect at the beautiful and lovely cherry blossoms. The soft colors and a very clean design make this collection powerful yet also distinctly delicate. A very feminine line where the mother of pearl plays an important role. This all goes to show that good design can come from many different places and can be influenced by so many different things. It’s not the journey that counts but rather the destination. “The World Is My Catwalk”.

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