It all began at a pavement cafe

Tirisi Moda, the name says it all, as Moda in Italian means fashion. Courageous fashionable jewelry for the young at heart. And so affordable too.  The first stage in developing our cool Tirisi Moda starts by putting pen to paper. This important process requires many sketches and even a full color drawing before the design is approved by Natascha Rotstein for the next stage in creating the intricate Journey OF A Jewel. Natascha's design tip: be street smart, sit at a pavement cafe, and watch the world pass by. Everything catches the eye, the abundance of colors, the multicultural population rushing by, and the hip street fashion are the source and inspiration that is used to convert today's city look into tomorrow's cool and hip Tirisi Moda. As Natascha always says, "the world is my catwalk".


To transition Natascha's fun filled idea's to a piece of Tirisi Moda demands a very clear and precise roadmap. This process involves multiple conversations and much research and deliberation with the L'officina. Using the first important sketch, the master model maker takes over the process, creating an exact and perfectly hand crafted model in clay. With a perfect eye for detail and a very steady hand the model maker uses great creativity to transform the sketch to a full scale 3D exact proportioned model. The tiniest and the most intricate details are molded into the clay and nothing is left to chance. A very demanding and precision handwork. This all provides a concrete version of the final creation and acts as a bridge between Natasha's vision and all the artisans (casting, soldering, setting, stone cutters, polishing and quality control) who will later partake in the magical art of creating for you the trendiest Tirisi Moda brand. 

From the important handmade 3D model the journey can continue to be used to create a wax model and from the wax the true spark ignites as the fashionable piece is then turned into precious 18K pink or yellow gold and cleverly combined with edgy Sterling 925 silver so as to give you a cool look that is also affordable. As it's your life and you make the decisions, you choose your favorite colour pink or yellow gold and we at the Moda studio add the silver. Tirisi Moda today's urban look, the fashionable ready to wear jewelry. Iconic yet so affordable. 


Something we at L'officina are hugely proud of is that most of the goldsmiths creating the hip Tirisi Moda brand are young, highly trained women. Young they may be, however these competent women are fully trained to meticulously assemble the Moda pieces. And the use of complex precision laser machines don't scare them off either. Our ladies are proud and confident and put all their love into creating the Tirisi Moda dream. They are masters at hand soldering and construct and mount all the minute elements to create a final piece. These intricate structures created with passion will then house the various hand cut gemstones, giving sparkle and life to a piece of work of perfect proportions. Outstanding expertise all forged together in the House of Tirisi. We at Tirisi Moda turn tiny components into fashionable jewels using constantly the best people and giving them the best possible workspace in a healthy factory environment we proudly call L'officina. These wonderful artisans make the impossible, absolutely possible.

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The delicate operation of polishing is performed at several stages during the manufacturing of the Tirisi Moda. The skillful hands of the polisher will spend untold hours on the fashionable jewelry, giving the desired mirror effect to the entire piece. This important polishing process is carried out several times before, during and after setting to give luster and life so that you and your Tirisi Moda may shine and light up the city streets.  


Setting dazzling diamonds, the king of precious stones is a true art. We at Tirisi go the full length to do more than just set our diamonds and colored gemstones. Our setters have been fully trained to use 80X powered microscopes so that they can see more and yet actually use less gold to fix delicately yet also perfectly our diamonds and gems. We believe that fine setting is as important as polishing perfectly the jewelry. Our setters have been trained in making use of high powered microscopes so that the fix is not only perfectly strong but that as little gold is used to block the light and brilliance from the diamonds and gemstones we use. The tighter the fit the better the look which means more beauty and dazzle to your Tirisi Moda. After all our fashionable jewelry may simply not catch or tear your clothes. We in the L'officina believe we should go that extra mile on quality and perfection. Tirisi Moda, you run the street, you wear the jewelry. 


Unique to our Tirisi Moda manufacturing process is a 4 times quality control that takes place during the entire JOURNEY OF THE JEWEL. Controlling perfectly 4 times during the manufacturing cycle is for the absolute benefit of our Tirisi Moda customer. Starting from the very beginning of the production process and repeating 4 times these important controls during all the steps as the jewelry is moved up the chain, means better and higher quality perfection, so that your enjoyment of wearing our Tirisi Moda gives you the ultimate confidence in our crafted pieces. Perfect quality is imperative to our brand. In the L'officina we demand our customers receive the very best, so we do the very best, so that your Tirisi Moda has a longer and more sustainable lifespan. After all jewelry should be forever. But please do pay extra attention as we in the L'officina always do. Show and give your jewelry the respect and ultimate care it deserves. Doing this your Tirisi Moda will last and last.


In the watch industry leather is the norm. But not so in the jewelry world. So why not add leather to our Tirisi Moda fashionable pieces. We created an iconic leather bracelet that wraps two times round your wrist. With a matching iconic knot that shows the boldest of look. Add charms to the mix and you have the perfect street cred look. Our fine leather is naturally the finest Italian leathers available. Hand stitched and available in all the latest fashion colours. Soft and supple and luxurious. Leather is for Tirisi Moda a must being in the collection from day 1. So match your new street look with our ultra soft wrap and slap Moda bracelets. 


The world of Tirisi is supported by our high values. Excellence in perfect craftsmanship is for us a way of life. Natascha Rotstein has worked hard to successfully enter the small club of designer's in drawing fun and fashionable jewelry. Her wish to create something cool and hip for the Tirisi Moda brand has been achieved. But demanding the best of herself and everyone else in her team is for Natascha not good enough. She quotes "if you want to be best you have at least to be better, than best". Launching the 2 Tirisi brands together with her husband, Julian Rotstein in 2010 this successful couple are proud of what they have till today achieved. But they will never get comfortable and will demand to keep building their business from strength to strength. This husband and wife team adore and love their life's work. It brings huge satisfaction to transform the street look into Tirisi Moda for our cool retailers. Tirisi Moda brims with technical innovation, yet tradition will never be forgotten.  Tirisi Moda, the name says it all, as Moda in Italian means fashion. Courageous fashionable jewelry for the young at heart. And so affordable too. 

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