Care Guide

Tirisi Jewelry like most jewelry is delicate and not designed to be worn when doing physical activity. The delicacy of fine jewelry demands the wearer take ultimate care of your jewelry pieces. We would suggest that high-intensity sports such as tennis, golf, running, gardening, heavy-duty home cleaning, and intense work-related situations etc are not helpful or advisable in the wearing of fine jewelry. Gold and silver are relatively soft materials and diamonds and gemstones are very soft and often brittle and prone to breaking or cracking. So please pay extra attention and protect your fine jewelry as you would not use your lovely automobile for rough extreme off-road conditions so you should not use your jewelry for rough and heavy-duty activities. 


We understand that you wish to wear always your Tirisi Jewelry, even on the beach or in the ocean and while playing sports etc. However this we would not recommend. Please note that the elements such as salt and sand play a negative role in the durability of your Tirisi pieces. Even washing your hair with shampoos can dull the brilliance of our diamonds and cloud the luster of our colored gemstones. Not to mention an overabundance of hairsprays, cosmetics, and perfumes. All of the above are not in the interest of keeping your jewelry beautiful. 


Soap, shampoos, perfumes, hairsprays and cosmetics etc can easily be rinsed away. So no panic, all you have to do is soak your Tirisi Jewelry in warm non-toxic soapy water (preferably a drop of liquid dishwashing soap) and use a small soft toothbrush to wash the grime away. Scrub the soft toothbrush lightly over the gold, diamonds, and gemstones taking extra care using a light and delicate hand. Rinse thoroughly with first warm water and then again with cold water. Dry the items lightly and quickly with a hair dryer using the Lukewarm or cool position or use a clean microfiber cloth. If the result is not up to your standard, please contact your official Tirisi Retailer. 


Is your white gold Tirisi Jewelry item losing its shine? White gold does not exist in its natural form. It is the result of mixing certain alloys with yellow gold (which is naturally yellow) that give white gold its color. But the real magic of white gold comes to life when the white gold is rhodium plated. Rhodium plating is the final touch that gives you the shiny and perfectly white color you demand from your jewelry. All brands use white gold as it is strong and durable. But eventually, after many years it’s best to have your white gold rhodium plated once again. Your official Tirisi Retailer will help you with this chore. 

Your Tirisi jewels are precious objects that need attention every now and then. So just as you take your delicate garments to the dry cleaners, jewelry also needs a good cleanup once in a while. Do not hesitate to let it be serviced by an official Tirisi Retailer, who will be happy to give your Tirisi pieces some extra care with ultrasounds to remove grime that has collected over time. However, a new high polish may be considered if the surface is too scratched or the gold is too worn. In case of doubt or for an annual checkup, do not hesitate to visit an official Tirisi Retailer for expert advice. To find your nearest retailer, visit our store locator on our website.


If you have any questions please get in touch with us.



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