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Fine jewelry for everyday wear!

The Milano Exclusive Collection… Some diamond pieces that will last a life time!

A Tirisi Jewelry pendant for all fashionistas!

Which metal would you choose, pink, yellow or white gold?

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Collection Milano Exclusive!

Tirisi Jewelry creates happiness!

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Summer vibes with the Seastar Collection.

Tirisi Moda makes sure you live your life in color!

Summer vibes with the Seastar Collection.

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The Tirisi Moda Sliding Leather Bracelets

The absolute must-have for this summer!

Some refreshing jewelry!

Collection Fiji

How are you expressing your summer vibes?

Adding some colored gemstones to your outfit!

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Jewelry is like art, every piece has it’s own story… 

Malachite, Turquoise, London Blue Topaz or White Mother and Pearl

Which gem is your favourite? 

My vacation mood is on with the beautiful Tirisi Jewelry Fiji Collection.

Sophisticatedly feminine 

Collection Bohemian combined with Collection Love is just a perfect fit!

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Jewelry changes the way you look…

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Collection Milano Due and Collection Milano Tre is just perfect together!