Iconic Milano rings

New colours available from this moment…

Glamorous sophistication, as if you are strolling down the catwalk.

New Monte Carlo collection available now.

Tirisi Moda collection Copacabana: mix & match to create your own bracelet.

Leather bracelets with charms made of 18K gold combined with sterling silver and diamonds. 

New Palm Beach necklaces.

Designed by Tirisi Moda in cooperation with mermaids from the catwalk. 

Tirisi Moda leather sliding bracelets

New variations out now! Feel the sand between your toes…

Tirisi Moda Palm Beach gourmet bangles

Bold, feminine elegance on your wrist.

Zip the world in fashion with the Tirisi Moda ZYP collection!

Move the ZYP necklace up and down to perfectly match your outfit.

The Tirisi Moda dilemma.


Ring ring… Ring, ring… No it’s not your phone, it’s our post ringing you

How are you?! Tirisi Moda rings, 18K gold combined with sterling silver.

Word during the day, still feel comfortable during your free evening.

No need to change outfits with these 18K gold and sterling silver gourmet bangles. Tirisi Moda has you. 

Wrap it around your wrist.

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds.

Oh la la… Tirisi Jewelry keeps you glamorous this festive season.

Have you seen the Exclusive Milano Due collection already? Bigger diamonds for a bigger WOW…

Are you looking for a special present this year?

Let our sophisticated sliding necklaces excite you. Available in more than 10 variations. 



Tirisi Jewelry bracelets collection Venice

So colourful and gives sparkling to your wrist and outfit.

Steal the show with this Tirisi jewelry 18kt pink golden ring with diamonds

Tirisi Jewelry earrings Gold diva shine like a diamond

18k gold and handset diamonds.

Gold-fever Gold diva

Tirisi Moda More sophisticated bracelets Collection Bohemian and Copacabana its all in the name

Tirisi Moda Gourmet bracelets

Bold and cool these sophisticated  bangles for the powerful women any time of the day