Balance and elegance that hugs the wrist.

Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go.

Our Fleur de Lis is Inspired by the beautiful colors of our planet; Earth.

Let them wonder.

Fabulous and timeless piece of art.

Then, now and forever With love, Tirisi

The Fleur the Lis collection is the perfect example of pushing the limits of creativity and style.

Tirisi Moda has no limits. 

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend.

For the ultimate power woman.
Our Fleur the Lis Collection represents love, hope and strength.

Feeling more confident and powerful With love, Tirisi

To finish your outfit!

It’s the most subtle detail on our Gourmet Collection that makes it so very unique.

We are all about the details… With love, Tirisi

The more Tirisi Moda sliding bracelets I wear, the better I feel!

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A must-have for all fashionistas.

It’s okay to be obsessed with jewelry.

Spread love and kisses with our beautiful Tirisi Moda Kisses Collection.

A kiss on every finger.

Who else is obsessed with jewelry?

Look incredible in our Kisses Collection.

The Amsterdam collection is inspired on the beautiful cobblestones streets.

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A musthave for every occasion!

Glamorous all the way!

My love for jewelry is just as endless as there is water in the ocean…

The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.

Feel as free as the ocean with Tirisi Jewelry. With love, Tirisi 

Good times & tan lines…

Ocean breeze, palm trees, white beaches. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Available in different sizes and colors. Find your favorite at the nearest Tirisi retailer. With love, Tirisi

Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.

Our Milano Collection.

Wear the Milano Due Exclusive collection every day and everywhere.

Diamonds all day, diamonds all night.

Dream away in the sparkling world of Tirisi Jewelry…

Beautiful jewelry during these summer days.

We do not follow, we define…

Our Milano Due Exclusive Collection.