Collection Cape Town

Collection Cape Town

Published on 09 Dec 2022

As my husband being originally a South African, I felt I had to create a jewelry collection in line with his roots. And me being Dutch, how much fun would it be to merge and clash our two strong cultures. So doing research it was not difficult to be enchanted by Cape Town which was originally a Dutch colony. 

With one of the oldest neighborhoods and today still very intact the picturesque Bo-Kaap played host to my imagination and the colorful Cape Town collection was born. 

The history books teach us that hard manual work was done by slaves. And most of the original slaves brought to Cape Town were predominantly Malay who rented tiny house’s in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood of Cape Town. But as time moved on slaves were slowly but surely freed and on their coming out day, to show off their hugely prized freedom, the white houses were immediately painted in a kaleidoscope of vivid colors. Today in Cape Town this quaint neighborhood, situated just under Signal Hill still exists in all its colorful splendor, celebrating the freedoms of not only the South African nation but that of all free people worldwide. 

Cape Town captured my heart and colored my soul. With this potent recipe it was easy to design a colorful collection of rainbow colored jewelry. Jewelry in its purest form yet bold in color. A celebration of freedom. So I dedicate the Cape Town Collection to Julian, my colorful South African husband and all that he and his rainbow nation stands for.


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