Express your playful feminine side with some fashion jewelry.

Tirisi Moda is always a good idea!

I came, I saw. I stayed.

The iconic Copacabana Leather Bracelets.

Jewelry first, clothes second!

Spice it up with some Tirisi Moda and your outfit will get irresistible!

Feeling complete because of my jewelry.

Collection Kisses by Tirisi Moda!

Pink, a delicate color, playful and feminine.

Just like Tirisi Moda!

A kiss for each finger!

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Collection Doha for all the absolute fashionistas…

This is something else! 

A romantic Venice set for a romantic dinner date!

Every element in the jewelry represents a gondola (Venetian boat) stop. 

Every piece of the Venice Collection tells a story.

An elegant piece of art!

Iconic jewelry for every day wear!

Collection Milano

Feel the Italian sophistication with our Venice Collection.

Multi-occasional earrings. Wear all day, everyday.

Jewelry never fails in adding that perfect elegance to your overall appearance!

Sensible and superior quality!

For an ‘ear’risisitble look! With love, Tirisi

Tirisi is a women’s best friend in life. 

Take a dive into the Seoul Collection!

Fashion comes and goes but Tirisi lasts forever.

Surround yourself with jewelry!

With love, Tirisi

The beautiful Mauritius necklaces.

Which one would you choose? 

You’re not fully dressed until you sparkle!

Distracted by my jewelry…

Style it until you like it!

A Tirisi Moda Copacabana Leather Bracelets.

Give yourself a boost…

Give yourself Tirisi Moda!

Inspired by the beautiful white beaches with gently sloping land with beautiful nature.

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