Wrap it around your wrist

This 18k gold bracelet with at the begin and end diamonds , diamonds, diamonds. It’s beginning to look like.

Oh la la...Glamorous in this Festive Season with the Jewelry of Tirisi

Did you see the Exclusive Milano Due Collection already? Bigger diamonds for a big WOW&8230;.

Are you looking for a special present this year

Our Tirisi Jewelry sliding necklaces has a high want ability factor. 2 different lengths 3 different versions. You will enjoy this necklace from the moment you wear it. Tirisi Jewelry 18k gold and diamonds. Let it excite you



Tirisi Jewelry bracelets collection Venice

So colourful and gives sparkling to your wrist and outfit.

Steal the show with this Tirisi jewelry 18kt pink golden ring with diamonds

Tirisi Jewelry earrings Gold diva shine like a diamond

18k gold and handset diamonds.

Gold-fever Gold diva

Tirisi Moda More sophisticated bracelets Collection Bohemian and Copacabana its all in the name

Tirisi Moda Gourmet bracelets

Bold and cool these sophisticated  bangles for the powerful women any time of the day  

Tirisi Jewelry  These earrings in many (semi-)precious stones

So vivid to the eyes gives that extra sparkle. Tirisi Jewelry

Tirisi Jewelry sliding bracelets

For any wrist. Wear it next to your watch or single as a real eye-catcher. 18k gold and diamonds. tirisi

Tirisi Jewelry collection Seoul Flower Due

Bracelets 18k gold made with diamonds with many different colour-stones. Nice for mothersday. bracelets necklaces earrings rings

Tirisi Jewelry

The world is my Catwalk&8230;. showing collection Milano and collection Amsterdam at fashionshow baselworld2019 jewelry 18k gold and diamonds.

Milano Due collection

18kt gold with diamonds and colorstones. the world is my Catwalk…. Which size do you like? Made for every women on every finger…

Tirisi Jewelry bracelets

18k gold iconic square with round elements pave set diamonds Collection Amsterdam very decorative.Is this bracelet also on your Wishlist? The World is my

Tirisi Moda The world is my Catwalk Also in the mood for new charms

different Colours of diamonds or black marcasite. All set by hand and very decorative. Leather bracelets with a sleeve to close your bracelet and make your own customisedbracelet

New TirisiModa charms on a necklace

Wear your secret with you. fashionable Catwalk pieces 18k gold diamond tirisi

Tirisi Moda bracelets a la carte

Combination in many colours. New colors of the season no available. The World is my …..

Tirisi Moda

Dress to impress with these great gourmet earrings and rings. The World is my Catwalk……. Never out of fashion.Jewelry 18k gold marcasite sterling silver.