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Collection Monte Carlo.

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Collection Fiji and Milano.

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Collection Love.

Always with that touch of catwalk glam…

The Monte Carlo collection.

Reach for the stars with our beautiful 18k necklace from the Monte Carlo collection.

All Tirisi Jewelry is made of 18k gold and set with high quality diamonds. 

Sophisticated, feminine and fashionable.

Mix and match the iconic Milano collection.

The most beautiful color in the world…

Is the one that looks good on you!

Wear everyday, all day.

Our iconic Milano collection. 

Oh My! What do I have to choose?

Or don’t choose…

These earrings complete every outfit.

Available in different sizes.

Combine our collections to leave an irresistible impression.

With love, Tirisi

Complete your look with these sophisticated 18k rings.

The Amsterdam collection.

Diamonds are a girls best friend…

The glamorous feminine Monte Carlo collection.

If you love it, then you should put a ring on it.

With love, Tirisi

The new earrings from the Monte Carlo collection look lovely!

The perfect gift for Valentine.

Soft Italian leather with lovely kisses…

No better way to love than with Tirisi Moda.

The thought of our first kiss always makes me smile.

With love, Tirisi

Unexpected kisses are the best…

Hint, hint, hint…

Our Fleur de Lis collection stands for love, hope and strength.

Symbolic jewelry for the modern woman. 

Say it with a kiss…

The collection is made of 18k gold in combination with sterling silver (925).